Focal Atrial Tachycardia

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Speaker : Dott. Roberto Santilli

Objectives : Interactive ECG reading

Level : Intermediate

Date and time : 30/10/2012 - 13:00

Duration : 60 Mins

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Description :

The section of ECG reading is an interactive page dedicated to electrocardiographic interpretation and analysis of the principles of clinical electrophysiology.
During these sessions will be used innovative diagnostic concepts taken from the most recent literature and studies performed in our EP lab. It is important to stress that the interpretation of the electrocardiogram, basic diagnostic aid in daily clinical practice, has a diagnostic value only when it acquires the mastery of the principles associated withelectrophysiological interpretative experience used to correlate the electrocardiographic findings to the pathophysiology and the clinical status of the patient. This section is an integral part of educational theory and practice of e-learning projectand will be held monthly with the presentation of an extract derived ECG to 12.
Accompanied by an experienced cardiologist in Reading, will investigate the electrophysiological aspects of the electrocardiographic appearances discussing the possible differential diagnosis. You will be guided in a structured way interactive step-by-step, toward the final solution of the case through a series of interrelated questions.
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